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Pavement Geology

Pavement Geology

The team at Pavement Geology have created a wonderful database of urban geology, which started in London, but has spread to several other UK cities.  Check out London Pavement Geology!

Visible Geology

Visible Geology have created a great 3D visualisation app that runs in your browser and enables you to create stratigraphy, fold it, erode it, bury it, then section and drill it, all in 3D!

RockD – Local Geology and Paleogeography App

RockD is another offering from the Shana Peters Team at Wisconsin University. You can use it to check the local geology, check-in to local geology localities, create your own check-ins, create field trips, look up the palaeogeographic history of your location and find out what minerals and fossils are within a 20km radius!