We are experimenting here with a website where anybody who has found an amazing GeoScience resource with can post it for everybody else to see.  Share the passion!

Any posts you upload will be approved by a human, to make sure we don’t get any rogue articles!

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The form below allows you to submit the link to an online resource that you think should be shared.  Please fill in all the fields, write a short description and add a thumbnail image using the wysiwyg text editor (we suggest you snip something from a webpage, save it locally, then upload it).  This is best done on a desktop or laptop machine.

When you insert the media in the post, we suggest that you insert the cursor at the beginning of the text.  When the image appears, select the image and choose the “text wrap, right align option”.  This will display the image to the right of the text.

You can choose multiple categories, and insert lots of relevant tags.  The tags should be picked up by the tag cloud on the main page, so others can use your tags to search for content.

Please also paste the URL of the resource in the post, attached to an anchor, so people can go and find it.

Once you submit the post, we should get a notification and it will appear in the appropriate category, once we have approved it.

Thanks for the link!

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